Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Dodos @ Turf (Show of the Year!) 10/20/09


Very close to a sell out at the turf these San Fran Indie Rockers sure put on a show. I was dancing in the back by the bar, jammin on the side of the stage for a few tunes, and finally I made my own version of a mosh pit in the middle. Lyrically, Instrumentally, and the voice of Meric Long brought us to a very magical place. It truly seemed like heaven listening to The Dodos on this fine Tuesday night.

This band is all set to flourish to the top!!!!! The dodos are set to trek away all accross Europe in Nov. and Dec.

Ruby Suns from New Zealand opened the night with a solid performance. Remind me of a mix between Fleet Foxes and Discovery and Vampire Weekend. Good comparisons.

For More photos form the show check out My Flickr Page!

This song could be the best of the year! Fables!!!!!!

Couldn't stop laughing at this old guy dancing like a monkey!

Cakein15 also has a review up!

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