Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Submarines and El Perro Del Mar @ The Cedar

The Submarines in Minneapolis @ The Cedar
The Submarines @ The Cedar Minneapolis
The Submarines
El Perro Del Mar
El Perro Del Mar Band
El Perro Del Mar Band
El Perro Del Mar

What an exclusive performance at the gorgeous Cedar Cultural Center.. A band from L.A. called the Submarines kicked things off in front of a very small crowd.. With just 2 members in the band, they enjoyed themselves and displayed some great indie rock.. Very similar to one of my favorite bands Eisley,and a little more of the Rosebuds as well. None the less great stuff!!!, and they even did a Kinks tune!
Here it is Waterloo Sunset by the legendary Kinks!!!

El Perro and her fellow Swedes played some very pure clean cut tunes.. This band has only been together for a couple of years, and El perro is still very nervous when she takes the stage. The quality of her guitar work, lyrics, and melodies blends together very nicely. Add in 3 talented Swedish musicians you have yourself a sexy Swedish band. Much more potential for this band as they look to add energy and depth to their stage presence. Favorite Swedish band still(Ceasars)! Much love to the Swedes!!!! Hopefully will see these guys back and someday in the Nordic Roots Festival held a the Cedar.

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