Friday, October 20, 2006

Regina Spektor and Only Son @ The Varsity

I had been anxiously awaiting this magnificent act following up her show at the Ascot room. This time around Regina came with her entire band. I still love her solo act but the band adds a little more sound and depth..Her music will always be an original masterpiece, but this band will propel her rise to the top to play in front of thousands every show. It was a night to remember sneaking in people, getting caught, and maintaining are presence at the theater with a bribe. I think you can tell this show was sold out and had a lot of people angry that they missed out on getting a ticket. This talented young artist will be as big as Fiona Apple and will last a lot longer at the top. Regina is mix of Fiona, Dido, and Sarah Silverman. Regina sings, entertains, and makes a realize how good life really is. Thank you Only Son for providing some good lyrics and tunes. What a night!!!! Get ready for the Danish bands next weekend, Figurines and The Blue Van. Cheers -The Godfather

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