Monday, October 11, 2010

A new life in New Orleans

My Paradise

Hello fellow music fans. I took once again another summer/fall off. I enjoyed unemployment, hanging out with bands, and spending one last summer in Minnesota with friends/family. I now live 30 minutes north of New Orleans right on lake ponchartrain in a suburban city called Slidell. It's a 90,000+ family town with some cool restaurants. I work at Cross Gates Family Fitness and I run the junior tennis program there. People down here in the south have been a lot more down to earth than anyone I've every been around in my life. Except for maybe a few cool folks i know. From my roommate, people I work with, my boss, couchsurfers, random people I've met, everyone has been very welcoming and genuine.

I still go to concerts mostly in New Orleans and some of the upcoming shows I'm really looking forward to in the next month are Mumford and Sons, Frightened Rabbit, Portugal the Man, Built to Spill, and maybe a few more. I recently saw the Love Language from Raleigh North Carolina in a really cool place called the circle bar near downtown New Orleans.

Watch this video!

Stay Hip! Listen to indie music! Respect your neighbors! Cheers! -Brody