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Billy Corgan's Ex-Bass Guitarist Plays 400 Bar 2/5/2010


Her name is Paz Lenchantin and she's played with just about everybody from Queens of the Stone Age to Jenny Lewis. She's now teamed up with Guy Blakeslee to form a dynamic trio. The bands name is called "The Entrance Band". This psychedelic rock band is straight out of 1970's where hippies were running wild. These guys truly come from L.A. where everything becomes a reality.

More great shows to come at the 400 Bar stay tuned!

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Music Go Music

Music Go Music - Light Of Love

Tour Dates
02/09/10 Hoxton Bar & Kitchen London
02/11/10 ULU, HMV Next Big Thing Festival London


[May 2008] Light of Love (Single)

[Aug 2008] Reach Out (Single)

[Jan 2009] Warm in the Shadows (Single)

[Oct 2009] Expressions
Hi! This is Vu, I'm cross-posting this article because I ♥ this band. You can hear Brody and I talk about music here.

Music Go Music have been getting a lot of great press, especially coming off a Franz Ferdinand UK tour - and they are heading back for two dates in London. A reader asked me to look into them and after checking out their live performance on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, I was hooked.

This band's sound seems to be influenced by 60s pop and ABBA-esque melodies, as I have previously mentioned on our podcast. Of course, I hadn't done any research on that podcast, I thought only the Swedish were re-inventing 60s pop, but apparently so are Americans, as Music Go Music are based in Los Angeles.

Formulaically, Music Go Music got everything right for me. "Repeating" band name for memory, check (you really have to hear my theory or read about it.) Danceable melodies, check. Lovely girl singer/lovelier voice, check and double check.

Between the three singles (all with very similar legs artwork), I'm more drawn to their first single "Light of Love", mostly for that "whoa-whoa-whoa" chorus. It is the first song I've heard from them, so the song has a soft spot in my heart.

"Reach Out" is good, but it seems to lag nearly one minute (2:49 to 3:43 mark), before that "galloping" disco sound picks the song back up. Maybe that boring minute is there to remind me of how awesome the rest of the song is? Apology to the guitarist for playing that solo.

Their latest single is "Warm in the Shadows", a mini-epic of a song at nearly 10 minutes. Fans of Eurodisco, like myself, will love this song for its mindless big beat and bass. Especially with singer Gala Bell's vocals, you can play this song to someone and tell them it's Blondie - and they'd believe you. If you don't believe me, check out the song as a free download from their record label.

If I might suggest, their fourth single* should be "Explorers Of The Heart" and not "Just Me"? I can see why they'd perform "Just Me" on Face Time, as that song works as a live song... To see more videos from Face Time, head over to their youtube.

I also wanted to mention that some of their songs are very complicated, like layers of electronic synth, disco sounds - but it doesn't sound dense or unlistenable. In fact, quite the opposite.

Expressions is out now, you can get it from their record label, Secretly Canadian. If there were a band that would make me leave my Winter hibernation, it would be for Music Go Music, so I'm eagerly waiting for them to come to Minneapolis!

* I suspect releasing four or five singles from an album of nine songs might be stretching it.
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