Friday, October 19, 2007

Shout Out Louds @ The Fineline 10/18/07

Picture 5001Picture 4967Picture 4999Picture 4994Picture 4950Picture 4986Shout Out Louds setlist (minneapolis)

With so much hype built up for this show I was a little dissapointed by the lack of energy from the band and the audience. Shout Out Louds come all the way from Sweden and came with a fellow native band in Johnossi and a L.A. based band in Nico Vega. Both openers had a lot of energy, and had a much louder set. I've seen Shout Out Louds 4 times and they've played at every major venue in the cities now. Their music get's better and better but thier live shows need to keep picking up some intensity and power. I give my praise to a band that lays it all out and goes crazy on stage. The show was still a hoot and I got into most of the set. They had the flags from their new album cover Our Ill Wills up on the wall behind the stage. I love thier new record and they played most of their top tracks, but they left way to many high energy songs from thier first record off the setlist. Seagul, Oh Sweetheart, and Hurry Up Let's Go were all left off, very disapointing. A classy bunch of Swedes that I'm sure will be back in April, I look forward to see thier improvement. Check out some of their videos on you tube, very cool ship video. -Brody

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