Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mumford and Sons Show of the Year @ Varsity Theater 5/25/10

Mumford and Sons in Minneapolis 5/25/10 @ Varsity TheaterMumford and Sons in Minneapolis 5/25/10 @ Varsity TheaterMumford and Sons in Minneapolis 5/25/10 @ Varsity Theater

Well over seven hundred packed in the Varsity Theater, this much anticipated show had been sold out for well over 6 months. $300 tickets were being bought on Craigslist days before to add to the excitement and amount of die hard fans at this show. If you spent the money, were dripping with sweat at the show, and waited in line the rain it was all worth it.
Mumford and Sons hands down put on the best show of the year in Minneapolis. After the very first track it felt like we were screaming for an encore in the crowd. Openers, "The Middle East jumped out at the end of "Roll Away Your Stone" and Mumford and Company even played a Neil Young tune.

Looking back at Marcus Mumford musical career it's been quite a debut bang. Now dating Laura Marling and headlining sold out shows all over the world, this guy is on top of the world. It's funny, because when I first met him in NYC he was very shy and was kind of the dark guy in the background playing drums for Marling. It won't surprise me if Mumford and Sons are playing at the State Theater next time their back in town, but hopefully it will be at First Avenue.
Mumford and Sons Set List in Minneapolis 5/25/10 @ Varsity Theater

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Be sure to tune in to listen to the live studio performance on the current which will air at 7:30 pm Friday night.

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