Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Big Pink Live up to the Hype @ Entry 11/25/09


Move over Gallagher brothers theirs a new band in town called The Big Pink. Yea they've made it big like most American bands do with a big single, but let me tell you these guys are the real deal. The song Dominos has been played to do death, but lets all be honest it's still a great tune. With Oasis comparisons already these guys definitely bring more of an electronic edge.


With a Joe Strummer type look from "the Clash", lead singer Robbie Furze clearly looks like a rocker. The 4 piece hit the stage all wearing black except the female drummer. Flashing lights put everyone in that psychedelic dream world for the opening tracks. Right away my fingers were crossed that the vocals would stand out. As soon as Robbie took the mic, everything was golden. Like always at the 7th St. Entry the sound is always big and your literally on stage with the band which makes every performance seem on top of the world.

The Big Pink in Minneapolis 11/25/09 from Brody McCoy on Vimeo

The Big Pink only played a 10 song set but the songs were stretched out with brilliant instrumentals. The only down side to their set was a Beyonce cover and no encore, which is acceptable if you just have one album. Not to mention the album is only 11 tracks. Dominos was the last track and was probably the best song live. Crystal Antlers drummer helped out on tambourine as I'm sure you've seen in the video. The party kept on going over at Transmission (Clubhouse Jager), where The Big Pink did a guest DJ set from 1-2. Good times.


Let's hope the band comes back in the spring and headlines the mainroom. This band certainly doesn't need any help building buzz and gaining a fan base from the likes of Depeche Mode, Glasvegas, White Lies, and Klaxons. They're already that big if not bigger than their rivals.


Crystal Antlers and local band CLAPS opened the show with solid sets.

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