Monday, December 11, 2006

Send in your Top 10 Concerts of 2006!!

(My #1-Phoenix @ The Fineline Music Cafe July 24th 2006)

I'm looking to see as many top 10 lists as possible so I can find out about any new artists or just anybody I happened to miss.. I love hearing other opinions and meeting others around the world. So please send me your list of Top 10 live shows of 2006. If you didn't attend 10 concerts this year you can send me your top 5... I will be putting these lists up next weekend. Who is # 1??? Just comment your list on this paragraph or email me your list at Send your list as soon as possible.. Thanks again and continue to see great live music around your area. Cheers -The BritRocker

Sean Lennon tonight 1st ave/and a band you need to hear.....

Lets hope the Maccabees come to the cities very soon with one of today's classic brit bands(Maximo park, Kaiser Cheifs, Bloc Party)Go to their myspace page and tell them to come to minnepolis!!!!!! Hope to see you guys at Sean Lennon tonight at 1st Ave!!!!

Joanna Newsom at the 400 Bar...

Joanna was ready for two absolutely packed shows on a brisk friday night..Unfortunatley I was not able to get into the early show nor did i attempt to get into the late show.. That was the first time I couldn't get into a venue since the Black Keys at the Entry... Kyle from was able to check out the late show and spoke very highly off the show... He said right away he hadn't seen the venue that packed since the Queens of Stone Age played there with Grohl.. He also told me his thoughts going into the show, "not too much to say other than it was really great, and far exceeded my expectations (which I'll admit were low and skeptical)". "Her voice is much more in that Bjork baby girl voice, which can be very annoying sometimes, but it was great in person." Her harp was at least6 feet tall, and he noticed the crowd to be very silent. And finally exclaimed "it was really great, i was shocked how much i loved it. Thank Kyle for the brief words on the show and visit his Music Blog/#1 twin cities concert calender @ I'll be at Sean Lennon tonight at First Ave.. Try to win tickets or find some.... Will make the comparisons to his dad after the show... TopTen concert List will be put up after the 15th(Imogen Heap show)... Email your list if you want you list posted at Cheers -Brody