Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cajun Dance Party / Lerrone / Foals CD Reviews...


Cajun Dance Party comes from London and is mix between Razorlight/ Jack Penate / and Mystery Jets. Listening to this top to bottom several times, I've come to realize this will be the cd of the summer.  "The Colourful Life", is the name of their debut album which was released April 28th in the U.K. It already is a top 5o album in the UK. 

Download -The Firework, Amylase, and The Hill The View and The Lights


Leerone is a singer songwriter from L.A. The name of her first full length album is "Imaginary Biographies".  Leerone had an EP back in 2003 and is poised to break into the music scene in L.A.  You know what they say in L.A., "Hollywood".

Download - To Fill The Void, and  Life Could Be


Foals is this years Klaxons.  This record titled "Antidotes" is incredible from start to finish. Foals debut album was released on Mar. 24th 2008 in the U.K.  If you like fast pace guitars and british vocals you'll love this band live and on record.  This band became a group in 2005 and hail from Oxford, England.

Download - Cassius, Two Steps Twice, and Ballons 

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Devotchka w/ Basia Bulat @ First Ave.


      Devotchka has been around since 97 and continues to be a spectacular scene live.  Coming from Denver Colorado this band presents a very unique sound. People clasify thier music as Gypsy Punk/ Folk Rock.  That's not even close.  If I knew nothing about this band I would of guessed they were the biggest band in Mexico.  Romani, Greek, and Slavic roots are just a few of the different styles of music.

       Playing at First Ave. to a sold out crowd is a very frequent occurrence for the band. Lead singer Nick Urata and crew had a full string quartet thanks to two members of opener Basia Bulat. Of course the Slavic sisters were their showing off their acrobatic skills. Quite an amazing sight, considering they are that high in the air in the middle of the crowd.  "The Clockwise Witness" was arguably my favorite track.  What was even more impressive then the slavic sisters, was a double encore from the band, and watching Nick go off on his many guitars.  

Devotchka just released it's 6th album "A Mad and Faithful Telling".


Basia Bulat

This girl from Ontario has ton of talent and proves to have one of strongest voices in the world.  Had a chance to chat with Basia after her set, and found out how down to earth and hilarious she is. Last year she released her debut album Oh, My Darling through Rough Trade records.  I've listened to her record at least 10 times.  And if you haven't seen the video for "In The Night", you have to watch it below.

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