Thursday, November 16, 2006

Brookville and Tahiti 80 @ The 400 Bar....

A night of dancing with the Frenchies was everlasting... The last time I danced the night away with good looking girls was Phoenix. Something about the French bands...they got soul, dancin fever, and know how to move the ladies... Before Tahiti 80 came on the band from New York named Brookville got the crowd going with some not to shabby tunes... My favorite was the one with the brazlian girls vocals in the backround.. Great guitar, good tunes.. check them out... As soon as our friends from France got on the crowd moved closer and the party begun... One of the other band members brought up some ladies and that kicked everything off for the crowd.. The whole front row was dancing, it was almost like a domino effect.. Tahiti 80 has a little more soul and a little more Prince than Phoenix, but draw many similarities.. My two favorite bands from France right now by far.. I was shoked to here that they haven't toured together at all, and don't know eachother at all.. France is after all a fairly big country.. Dance. Dance. Put on your dancing shoes.. You'll be alright. Explains the night.. Come check out some of my friends bands at the Nomad tonight and tom. night at the Nomad World Pub on Cedar(right across the street from the cedar cultural center).

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Nov. 16th show starts at 10:30 Matthew Lee Moberg, Organ Donors, Nu Funk Mafia
Nov. 17th show starts at 10:30 Cedarwell, We are Clocks, and Shaker Revival(Kinks/Bloc Party)