Monday, August 11, 2008

Interview with Leila Moss of the Duke Spirit


Here it is folks the interview with Leila Moss, well it was supposed to be... Instead their bass player, Toby Butler, checked in for a few Q and A's.  Here is an inside look at The Duke Spirit.

1. Will the success of Neptune keep things going strong for a third album next year?

I hope so. Who knows what the future brings? We're starting to think about the next album now, and will start demoing when we back get off tour.

2. I believe it was last year your tour manager contacted me and we were trying to work out a show in Minneapolis, my friends and I found a warehouse/ 2 other venues and were about to contact all the bloggers. Unfortunately, The Duke Spirit Secret Show in Minneapolis!!!!!, was just a dream. Will you ever come to Minneapolis?

We'd love to. Not being from the US means it's hard for us to play absolutely everywhere, but we'll do our best.

3. With your voice I have to imagine you have quite a bit of solo material?

Um.... The Duke Spirit is a band we're all very proud of and happy to be a part of. So we all write songs with this band in mind. No solo albums are on the cards.


5. Any plans for a solo record or joining forces with another band in the future?

No solo albums. If we're into a band and we meet them in natural ways then collaborating is always good.

6. Favorite nickname the fans have thrown out for you or the band?

There's only one nickname......... Olly 'The Kid' Betts!

7. Would you rather have a Johnny Marr on guitar or a Karen Lee Orzolek on vocals feature on a DS track?

They'd both be welcome to be honest. I love the YYY's and although i never really liked The Smiths i have a lot of respect for Johnny Marr.

8. My favorite track from the new record has to be "My Sunken Treasure", what song do you feel best resembles your life?

This Ship Was Built to Last is a current favourite. It's a metaphor for strength and perseverance. What doesn't break you makes you stronger to use a cliche.

10. For the longest time I thought Duke Spirit created the song Put Your Dukes up John, are The Little Flames good friends of yours?

We played some shows with them a few years ago. They aren't together anymore. Miles Kane is a friend. He's now in The Rascals and The Last Shadow Puppets with Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys).

11. Music has been a gold-mine for you, any plans on staring in any films or crossing over to another industry outside of music?

No it hasn't!! We haven't made any money. There's often a misconception in music that bands make loads of money. It's expensive making albums and touring, and people aren't buying albums anymore. They're getting them for free. So it's hard to balance the debt out!! We're pretty busy touring, so we don't have any time to do anything else at the moment. It's pretty cheesey when people in bands start making films......... but it depends on what it is really.

-Cheers. Toby Butler (bass player for The Duke Spirit)

The Duke Spirit - The Step and the Walk

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