Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey Bright Eyes fans check out Andy Ulseth @ the 318 tonight in Excelsior!


Hey Minneapolis/St. Paul get off the couch and go check out the young Conor Oberst, at the 318 club out in Excelsior tonight at 8pm. Andy has played quite a bit at the 400 bar, where all those great folk/indie artists have started out. From the likes of Haley Bonar, Caroline Smith, and Cataldo, Andy really continues the trend of great local musicians.

A message from Andy on his new record

I will be releasing a seven song EP this fall comprised of songs that I wrote in my mother's house. The thing will be comprised mostly of older songs, but it will be bookended by two spanking new tracks. Tracklisting as follows:

Andy Ulseth:
1) No Reception
2)Caroline, O!
3)Skyline (On My Mind)
4)Bigger Than Before
5)What Of The Light?
6)Song For Archie (Daisy The Dog)
7)Let Me Go Down

This video was shot over two years ago, check out his myspace page for a better Bright Eyes comparison.

Check out Andy Ulseth's Myspace Page

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