Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Full Solo Review @ The Turf 11/13/09

Kicking it with Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson in Minneapolis

Mr. Miles does it all. Even in the worst situation when his van breaks down and the rest of his band heads back to brooklyn with all the gear, Miles manages to continue the tour. Performing solo for the last two weeks on his tour, he is impressing a lot of fans playing by himself.

He even came over to house to celebrate with me and some other die hard fans. 

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - The 100th of March (Minneapolis) from Brody McCoy on Vimeo.

Chatting with him after with threw his gear in my trunk, he talked about playing guitar since he was about 13.  Now 27, Miles born in Pasadena spent a lot of time in L.A. early on his life.  I didn't ask him about any of his past experiences or musical changes. From what I've read he had some early drug addictions and some friends from TV on the Radio picked him up and got him back on his feet. 

Lately MBAR has been on a tear with his sophomore release "Summer of Fear".  He's played plenty of shows with TV on the Radio and Grizzly Bear, but now he's doing it on his own.  Daytrotter sessions, a full headlining national tour, and even an mini solo leg.   Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson @ Turf Club 11/13/09 in St. Paul

The folk scene is growing and the competition is extremely tough, but Miles may be the new Bob Dylan.  I certainly found out he's a huge Dylan fan. After his show we jammed the night away to Dylan, Tom Petty, Bob Seger, and plenty more. Unfortunately he broke a string when he was starting to play some of his newer tracks. 

 In his actually set he played an Otis Redding cover. Keep and eye on this extremely talented artist.  The sky is the limit for Miles.

Love this video

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