Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Clientele @ the 400 Bar...

One of the best bands from England put on a fabulous show!!!!! These guys have been around a while. With over 4 releases and a dvd that I have not yet watched. They remind me a little bit like and older version of the band South. A lot of love songs in the set but their lead singer knows how to rock. He looked like Hendrix on the guitar for bits and pieces of the set. The Clientele also has a 23 year old violinist from london that they recently aquired to thier group. Mel added a very sophisticated sound to the music not to mention she is probably the hottest musician on the face of the earth. Bands from England seem to get better and better and the quantity and quality is it at it's peak. These guys should be back sometime this winter so check them out and buy there new album. Check them out on myspace here. See you at Corine Rae Bailey tonight at the Varsity Theater.

The Colour and The Shy's at the Nomad....

After hanging out with these bands at a meet an greet at the Corner Bar I walked over to the Nomad for two excellent bands. The Shy's and The Colour blended together very nicely on the same bill and both are emerging to be a jet/rolling stones type caliber band. This was the night of rock n roll if there ever was one. Both bands were playing with pure volume and energy.

The Shy's Myspace here.

The Colour's Myspace here.