Saturday, June 10, 2006

Low Lustre/White light riot/ The alarmists at the varsity

What a 3 band set!!!!! All three bands are in line to breakthrough the local scene into the national scene and possibly Europe. Low Lustre reminded steve and I of Dinosour Jr., White Light Riot a little hopefulls/ok go with more rock, and the alarmists a little nine black alps. All three bands were awesome. I've never been to a show where the music is great from 930 to 1AM. And another first blood was covering the intire side of the lead singer from White Light Riot's face after 4 songs in. Just threw a towl on it and kept jammin. Great energy from all the bands!!!!!! Walking back stage was a fun time seeing all the skelotons upstairs and walking on the roof top of the varsity. More pics at my flickr site here. And a better review on my buddy steve's blog here. Cheers -Brody