Sunday, March 28, 2010

Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club @ First Ave. 3/27/10

Better every time I see them live. Recently adding an incredible female drummer, BRMC is still doing it big. Lead Vocalists, Peter Hayes and Robert Been sound very similar and blend all kinds of styles together. I always compared these guys to The Dandy Warhols blended with some White Stripes/ Raconteurs. But in this last set they sounded like a new-wave UK band.
Bands such as Kasabian, The Subways, and Arctic Monkeys all came to mind tonight.
The Bass Guitar and Harmonica stick out the most in BRMC's live set.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club played a lengthy set like always, making sure everyone gets their
money's worth. Every song gets better during the set, and would have played a 25 minute set if
they had the time. First Ave. has a DJ/Dance Party called Too Much Love every Saturday Night
that takes priority. BRMC also just released a record titled, " Beat The Devil's Tattoo".

I hope you enjoy the photos and videos below!


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