Thursday, October 04, 2007

Voxtrot @ The Triple Rock 10/3/07

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Voxtrot loves Chicago and Minneapolis!!!! We made sure that they bring us the love back every show. Roughly 20 people hit the stage with the band for their encore, making it a quite the party. Voxtrot was in the house. They went on at midnight and played a good hour. They jumped around all over the place but was hoping they played with in the crowd. Voxtrot is from Austin Texas. They just finished a tour with the Arctic Monkeys, where unfortunatley they were not very welcomed at a few shows. I think it was great experience for them to play in front of such big crowds, and gave them a taste of high expectations on a big stage. I haven't been to to many festivals, but Voxtrot is a great band at any venue. Lets hope these guys crack the small indie world, because they deserve bigger crowds and more recognition with thier talent. Who the fuck are Arctic Monkeys? I love those guys too.

Voxtrot Slideshow from the Triple Rock

Bat For Lashes @ The Varsity 10/3/07

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Bat for lashes setlist
(Bat for Lashes set list)

Unbelievable show! A Mercury Prize nominee delivered quite the show. Very Imogen Heap like with a native twist. Natasha the lead singer's dad is from Pakistan where she grew up for many years inheriting a middle eastern culture. And her mom is from England where Natasha is currently residing in Brighton. The Varsity had a lot of competition tonight but their were a good 150 people at the show. Bat For Lashes were here about 4 months ago at the Entry. Next time they come back to the Varsity it will sell out. Natasha has an amazing voice and incredible backing band. Flutes, drums, boards, violins, and instruments I've never seen before contributed to the set. If you haven't seen the video check it out below, she has gotten a lot of attention from the animal heads and the bikers.

Bat For Lashes slideshow from the varisty show
Bat For Lashes Myspace Page / Official Page

Me and Natasha from Bat for Lashes
The must have picture with lead singer Natasha.

Voxtrot review from last night too, coming shortly...