Saturday, March 10, 2007

Maximo Park Coming to the Varsity July 17th!!!!!!!!!!

Photo Courtesy Maximo Park Myspace Page
Paul Smith (legend, and lead singer of Maximo Park)
Photo Courtesy Maximo Park Myspace Page

July 17th @ The Varsity Paul Smith and Company will be arriving in Minneapolis!!!!!! For the second time with a sophmore album I'm looking forward to what they bring to a brilliant crowd at the Varsity Theater!!!! Their new single Our Velocity is an outstanding track to what will be I'm sure a great album.. Unlike Bloc Party and Kaiser Chiefs this band keeps chugging along with a great record sound!!!!
Here is a video of Apply Some Preasure (one of their best tracks)

You can buy presale tix of their website here now!!Cheers -Brody

The Wildbirds, This World Fair, and The Colour @ Station 4

The WildbirdsThis World Fair @ Station 4 (St. Paul)The Colour at Station 4The Colour @ Station 4 (St. Paul) The Colour at Station 4The Colour in St. Paul Minnesota
Where's my Pizza? I walked in Station 4 saw some pizza at the meet and greet tables and decided to meet and eat. Before I even started the rock show started. The Rolling Stones reunited, best describes this show. The bands delivered a boom to a fiesty crowd.

The Wildbirds starting rollin right away. The Wildbirds are a 4 guys from Appleton Wisconsin and used to be in a band called Number One Fan. Number One Fan was an emerging powerpop band that was opening for Green Day in front of 15,000 fans. Without even recording a full length album, they had everything set to breakthough. But the band wasn't happy with the image and didn't feel the music they were playing and decided to throw the old stuff away. Now barely paying for gas, more Rock N Roll, thier enjoying the new ride. Best of luck to Wildbirds.

A local band that sounded like they were from the U.K hit the stage shortly after. If you sound like your from England, your potential is great and your talent is amazing. This World Fair is the name of the band. Staight out of Minneapolis, this band signed on to EMI and is starting to tour all over the states, supporting The Colour. They'll also will be shooting a video in L.A. for a couple of days coming up. Be sure to check out their next show at Loft/Barfly March 31st.

And of course what the crowd had been waiting for the fellas from L.A., The Colour. Touring with a brand new album, this band is on a mission to make it in the big scene of rock. Definetly an upgrade from their last show in Minneapolis at the Nomad where they had only 30 people at best. Thanks to Drive 105, this show at Station 4 got a lot more air play and promoting. They had another Meet and greet just like their other show, which I think is great to interact with fans and enjoy the life of rock stars. The lead singer Wyatt has taken charge to lead the way for this rising band. The Cure meets The Kinks best describes the energy and vocals. Listen and purcahse their new album today!!!

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