Sunday, January 07, 2007

Airports and Atlases and Others @ The Nomad, One for the Team/Hockey Night @ The Triple Rock

On a night of farewell's I was able to enjoy many styles of music ranging from jazz to rock n roll. A few buddies and I strolled over to The Nomad World Pub(located on cedar, very close to the triple rock), and checked out some interesting local bands, had a few brews, and of course sat by the fire and talked to some ladies... Sticking to the music, surprisingly it was pretty amazing stuff, starting off with some jazz, saxophone, and then a total guitar sound at the end... We had to head over to the Triple Rock because we were meeting some people at the show. With much anticipated buzz on the band Hockey Night, we had to leave during the start of the Airports and Atlases set, an unbelievable band from Minneapolis... They tell their fans on myspace they sound like "drinkin coffee with your exgirlfriend, the morning after she told you to fuck off.. She said she was drunk and didn't mean it, but we all know better. " I don't know what that sounds like but I know this band sounds amazing live, and have a matt pond/band of horses thing going with a little more speed..
Airports and Atlases
Hockey Night

Walking back over to the Triple Rock on nice brisk night, we noticed a young popular crowd was gathering round the triple rock. The youth outside didn't stop us from checking this fabulous show out . We marched in sporting leather, and started jammin to some decent bands.. Forgot the name they were good though, sounded a lot like Sparta... Next up was One for the Team, a classic pop/rock band with some vocals I'm still getting used too, great guitar work, and some solid potential. And Headlining the gig was Hockey Night, two words, absolutely amazing. The local bands definitely stepped it up the last two weeks outside of tapes and tapes and Haloween Alaska.. This band is no exception, kinks, zepplin, they do it all with their classy riffs and rock n roll hair. Check out Hockey Night and feel the true meaning of Minnesota Rock N Roll. Get ready for Emily Haines @ The Varsity Theater Jan. 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers -Brody

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