Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mark Mallman, The Wild Thing, and Warm Weather = Party weekend in Minneapolis

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Mark Mallman
Picture 4893new kids on the blockPicture 4899
The Wild Thing @ ValleyFair
party essential
Party Table

What a weekend! Great weather always seems to put people in a better mood. Family and friends, good live local music, and a good ol rollercoaster ride is always icing on the cake. Mallman was a riot but didn't go on until midnight, and valley fair was a blast!!! One little tip for everybody, don't have a shake before you go on rides. My cousin and her boyfriend came down to see The National with some friends and ended up enjoying the whole weekend in the cities. If none of you guys find this stuff exciting or entertaining, let me know what you guys do on weekends..?? Actually being on lake superior or jet skiing on any lake would have been ideal, but who predicted weater in the 80's...? It's almost October for god sakes... Well that is all. Get back to work, and go see Peter Bjorn and John tom. night (mon. 9/24) at first avenue, The clientele open. Show of the year so far for me in march. Here is my new favorite tune by them, check out this video.

Also The Rock N Roll Star finally has Jamie T pics posted on his flickr page,
his review will be up soon.