Saturday, February 23, 2008

St. Vincent in Minneapolis!


Annie Clark forces people to push away her good looks and really soak in her musical talents. This time around she had her full band complimenting her on her tour across America. Her vocals put her in a class where only few are found. She puts you to sleep then it feels like your on a roller coaster as the guitar and all the other instrumentation come to life. Her performance at the Cedar tonight in Minneapolis was out of this world! Annie a.k.a. St. Vincent as most of us know her as has a very big heart and a very big smile. I will be singing "Marry Me Ann, Marry Me Ann I'll be so good to you" for a very long time. Lets pray Ms. Clark doesn't become prey to the film directors and modeling agencies. This gorgeous musician needs to hold on to her band and continue traveling the world producing lots of music. Minneapolis would like to see her one more time before she goes back into the studio. That is my wish. Goodnight and good luck. -Brody


Check out my slideshow from the Cedar show

Kyle over at should have a brief write up of the show.

And thanks again Stacy for snapping all those nice photos with Annie. Stacy is a local photographer that puts her photos on and morecowbell.

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