Friday, August 08, 2008

We Are Scientists @ Varsity 8/7/08


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Great set, a comedy sketch on top of a sick performance from the Brooklyn Bombers.  It's too bad We Are Scientists sophomore album was a flop.  The songs of the new record were still decent, it's just hard to follow up a great record.  Still worth checking out live.  Very entertaining.   They must be a pretty good band if their touring with Kings of Leon and R.E.M. over the next two months in the U.S. and Europe

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Passenger w/ Breanne Düren @ The Hollow 8/7/08


Fantastic set by this group from Brighton. Mike Rosenberg leads the way. Unfortunately they were not here with the full band, but they were close with a drummer and lead guitarist.  It would be interesting to hear an electric by this band.   Great acoustic set.  


Passenger -Live from the Hollow


Local artist Breanne Düren opened. Buy here new self titled record, just came out.  

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