Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whatever happened to the band "Morning Runner"?

After touring with Coldplay and putting together one of the best albums in 2007, they decided to call it quits?  They actually broke up back in Oct. of 2007. But just like all those die hard fans, I'm still waiting on the next project. Lets keep are fingers crossed that Matthew Greener starts a new band or puts together some solo work.

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Brand new artist named Jay Jay Pistolet jumps into the UK Folk Circle

Jay Jay Pistolet - Bags Of Gold

Laura Marling, Mumford and Sons, and Johnny Flynn have paved the way for a new direction for U.K. folk music. Many have hopped on board and already following suit. One of the many young stars to lead by example is Jay Jay Pistolet, a.k.a Justin Hayward-Young. The 21 year old comes from Hampshire England and is producing some tracks from the front man of Noah and the Whale, Charlie Fink.  Good news Jay will be at SXSW, hopefully with a full band.  

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