Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I give you The Authors!!!

If your a Pearl Jam/Joy Division fan or just like good music give this group a shot. Authors have the classic story of playing music in a garage and sharing all kinds of ideas. The Authors are Justin Prater, Ben Meza, Angela Stroud, and Josh Haben and I believe they all grew up in Austin. Angela the lone female in group plays drums, which really gives them a different look. The band recently formed in the summer of 2006.


They haven't had a ton of buzz yet but their friends and everyone that has listened to their tunes know how much talent their is with this band. They only have 4 songs up on their myspace and those are the only tracks I've heard. They have their first EP out called "Lights Coming Out" coming out soon. Like any band they'll be trying to establish a big local crowd then travel around the big state of texas along with the rest of the states. I could also see them getting huge in Europe and opening for somebody like Editors. But of course they need to play SXSW and Austin City Limits. -Brody

A couple MP3's for you to enjoy