Monday, January 21, 2008

Ingrid Michaelson and Sydney Wayser


The only difference between these two artists is that one has been signed by a Major Label. Both Ingrid and Sydney are from the Big Apple and reside in parts of New York City.  Each play guitar and piano and have backing bands to compliment their talents.  

Ingrid is touring all over the states currently and has just released her album Girls and Boys. Girls and Boys was mixed and mastered by Drawing Number One Productions and was recorded and produced by Mark Turrigiano.  

Sydney is just playing gigs in the New York City area.  Silent Parade is the name of her record and Wayser is waiting for the major label so she can continue along her journey and tour all over the world.  

Both these artists have incredible talents and have an extremely bright future.  Keep and eye out for both artists.  

Check out their websites also has a write up on Sydney.