Saturday, June 09, 2007

Smoosh and The Pipettes @ The 7th St. Entry 6/8/2007

Pipettes 6-7-2007Pipettes Setlist 6-8-2007z
The Pipettes

Beauty in youth was on display for tonights show.. Monster Bobby kicked things off a little solo action on guitar.. Bobby was also the guitar player for the Pipettes with a classic british accent. Following was the family band from Seattle, every bands favorite, Smoosh!! 10, 13, and 15 are the ages of the sisters that form Smoosh. Asya and Chloe are the center stones in Smoosh that also added a 10 year old bass player to the mix. Awesome vocals, and incredible self taught piano skills from Asya. Chloe banged away like she was giving drum lessons to someone. This band has so much potential, it's ridiculous to not see this band play at a bigger venue.

Rosay 6-7-2007
Smoosh 6-8-2007Monster Bobby 6-8-2007

And of course the 3 queens of the night, the Pipettes, including the Queen of hearts in Rose. The Pipettes had their backing band starting out with a little intro before the gals jumped out in their polka dot skirts ready for action. I was dancing, drooling, and smiling the entire show. As I watched these babes from England put on a show, I realized how much greatness The Supremes had. Will have to wait and see how much attention Pipettes may get. Rose, Gwenno, and Becki were spectacular and without any doubt enjoying every moment on stage. They spun around, waved their arms and pointed their fingers, and of course gave us those stunning innocent faces.
They'll be back in Minneapolis hopefully next fall, and should have thier full album out in the states very soon.

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Many more pics from my camera to come up, stay tuned for another photo real.. I've off to Chicago for the weekend!!!!!! Go Twins and Cubs!!!!! Have a good weekend and keep it real. -Brody

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