Sunday, April 23, 2006

Flying and playing cards

Love the clouds
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One of my good friends steve owns a gorgeous plane. This was my second time up in a small plane, and unfortunatley I forgot my camrea this trip. Missing an intentional burning of shorelines and crops, I watched bursting flames and hellicopters from up above. The pictures would have been amazing. Oh well, next time. After that I got beat by my 13 year brother Wyatt in tennis in a third set breaker. Shamefuly I teach tennis and I'm getting my ass kicked by my little brother. After that I took out my frustration in cards with my grandpa on my uncles. We showed them who's boss and won for the second straight week. We play a little game called wist very similar to hearts. Back to the music, I'm giving my uncle Craig a quick rebound from ladytron. I'll be meeting him at the deathray davies show at the 400 bar this thursday. Check it out and let me know if anybody is going to Regina Spektor. I can't wait. Goodnight and Goodluck. -Brody

Ladytron a discrace at first avenue..

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These guys were so bad they looked like a side project of the bravery. No energy, bad vocals, and they walked off stage for 15 minutes to get the sound right. It was your basic excuse for being off key. They sounded much worse than what they sound like on cd. I would have rather have watched the twins get spanked by the white sox or just have gone staight to bed. After teaching tennis for eight hours, this was not the performance I was hoping for. They're not too many bad bands from england that make a trip all the way to the states. This band was one of them. The opening band the presets from australia were pretty bad as well. Thanks craig, for recomending ladytron and animal collective. I thought I could count on you to bring me to some decent shows. You'll rebound. Amy thanks for meeting me at borders I hope you didn't stay for the whole show. And finally Steve, I hope you had fun at hockey night at the triple rock. He'll have a review on an actual show. Check out his blog My next show as of now is Regina Spektor at the ascot room. A much needed recovery show and hopefully back on the right track for great female artists. Stay Real -Brody