Thursday, December 20, 2007

Via Audio / Tigercity / Office @ The 400 Bar 12/19/07

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Via Audio all met in college in Boston but all reside in New York City. Led by Jessica Martins she is complimented with other vocals from Drummer Danny Molad, guitarist Tom Deis and bassist David Lizmi. I usually like variety in bands, meaning other people sing and band members change instruments with each other. For this band I didn't care for the male vocals and the different types of songs they tried to throw in the mix. I still think this band has a lot of potential if the female lead vocals take over.

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Tiger City brought a very French sound to the 400 getting the crowd to show off some dance moves.. The moves were clearly lead by me and Gaber. We danced like it was 1999, only instead of Prince it felt like a Tahiti 80 show. Tigercity comes from Brooklyn NYC and has only been around for a year and a half. This band just released an EP called 'pretend not to love'. This band still isn't signed which was a huge shock.

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The Office is from Chicago and everyone knows they're amazing!!! Fortunately their were a few people at this shows unlike their last one, where they was less than 20 people.

Here is Office at SXSW this year singing Oh My

Top 5 Show lists will be out Today! Stay Tuned!

Happy 30th Birthday for Mr. Morecowbell!!!

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The founder of Morecowbell celebrated a very big birthday. Everybody loves him in the cities, which is why he got Eric Lovold from the Alarmists and 3 other awesome local bands to play at the nomad on tuesday night.

Here is Eric going to work on the guitar..