Tuesday, July 25, 2006

PHOENIX brings the fire for the best show of 2006!!!!!!!!

After displaying the worst dance moves of all time I quickly learned from the gorgeous girl next to me. Anytime I jump/dance for an entire show, automaticaly tells the level of energy and quality from the band. Not only were the opening bands in Vallet and the M's good, the fans were great, and the atmosphere was perfect. I think free shows put people in a good mood?? Or the band Phoenix just blows you away?? I'll take the second one. Improvement was off the stratisphere with the best band from France. Having the chance to see them twice last year with Dogs Die in Hot Cars I was impressed but was much more into the other headliner. Phoenix has evolved into a pure drive instrumental band with a couple hits, to a future-trendy high energy force. This bands new album (It's never been like that) has so many hits, with their classics thrown in the set was out of this world. I haven't had this much fun since the Ceasars from Sweden. The Arctic Monkeys are a little different style, but top to bottom for a live performance I wouldn't put anybody ahead of Phoenix. Their also the classiest guys you'll meet hanging out backstage with them I'm hoping to travel for a couple dates through the midwest with them to put together a live DVD. The rest of this tour they'll be touring with the M's and the French Kicks. They'll be touring the States again in september(with TBD) but as of now won't be in Minneapolis. Check this band out and buy the record(only one I've bought outside of locals last 6 months)!! I'll see most of the readers at MUSE this wed. or at Camrea Obscure thurs. !! Another great review of this show at the Rock N Roll Star. Get ready for a great week of shows! Amities! -Brody