Monday, September 11, 2006

Built to Spill, The 88, or the Envelopes and RATATAT

I will be attempting to check out the Envelopes(beacause their from sweden and I like them a lot) and then hopefully catch The 88 at the 400 bar. The Envelopes will be the second band on the bill at the entry, which will make it very difficult to make both shows. A band called panther will be opening, whom I know nothing about. I will be leaving right after the Envelopes get off if not sooner because RATATAT isn't my kind of music. Don't get me wrong they may be good live, and they may sound like Daft Punk, but no. Furthermore, The 88 is a rising band that can't be missed. Yea they've gotten a lot of press, but these guys no how to make pop music and sound a little like the beatles. Thats enough for me to decide. Built to Spill will be playing on wednesday, and trust me I'll be at that entire show. If anybody knows set times for either the entry or 400 bar tommarow night let me know. Lastly, the 88 will be on the current at around 4-4:30. Here is a video of the 88. Tune in -Brody