Friday, September 15, 2006

Built to Spill and Helvetia at First Ave!!!

Helvetia was a solid opening band with great guitar work to lead in. I only caught about 5 tracks. Good Stuff. Moving on, Built to Spill is one of the best guitar bands of all time. Have any of you heard of Cloud Cult or Modest Mouse or My Morning Jacket? Well, those 3 bands were made by Built to Spill and are one of the biggest influential bands ever. They played for a solid hour and half and kept the crowd in awe the entire show. I hadn't listed to these guys at all before the show, just a couple tracks on the current, that was good enough for me. Their second song was one of their biggest hits where their stretched out long instrumental runs in the song, sounded incredible. Most everyone is a big Built to Spill fan, but for the ones that don't know much about them, here's a description. 3 guitar players work together all in front on stage, along with the bass and drummer in the back. The 4 guitarist take turns but all of them are holding rhythm or are sustains almost their own cords and style. They are a fairly political band, but they let a video and their music do the talking. I heard they had not been in the cities for about 3 years??? No idea. Check them out on myspace or continue to love the legendary Built to Spill.