Thursday, January 17, 2008

Laura Marling Shines in New York City!!!

Only one girl I've ever seen possesses this much talent and this much courage. That girl is Laura Marling. She is beginning to see what it feels like when people are in your face with compliments and advice. That affect may turn as a positive to really give her deep thought and joy on the hollywood spotlight. But it could also give her a different perception and find that she is an artist that just wants to break away from the spotlight and isn't worried about the money and fame. Either one is fine as long as she performs and travels the world, continues writing great songs and releasing records, and most of all enjoys her experience in this incredible journey.
Focusing on her two performances I was able to catch in NYC I realized that nothing comes easy all the time. But what I brought up to Laura, is that when the worst things happen, the best will follow. Her drummer Marcus tuned her guitar to a different song and when she came up she didn't realize that until a minute into the track, after that she had a little trouble tuning. But Laura was great with the crowd, giving a big thanks to everyone for the patience and support. Ms. Marling acknowledged that the opportunity to play in NYC at 17 is quite amazing yet scary at the same time. The rest of her set was incredible and her maturity will only carry her to flawless performances for her upcoming tour.
Their wasn't massive crowds their for the shows at the sidewalk cafe but the place was certainly packed and full of label reps and booking agents. Laura has a few more shows in New York and already has write ups in both the Wall Street Journal and NY Times. After her NYC gigs she fly's back to her hometown in England to release her record "Alas I Cannot Swim" and start her "Song Box" tour. Her album will be available Feb. 4th in England but can be pre ordered on her website. Her album will be a song box which will include an album, concert ticket, and a set up album mementos. If your going to fly 1200 miles to see someone go check out Laura Marling and get your hands on this upcoming record!

Cheers -Brody

More NYC dates
Jan. 18th Union Hall Brooklyn New York
Jan. 19th Sidewalk Cafe Manhattan New York

For her Full Tour in England and to pre order her album check out her Official Page at

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Here is her new single My Manic And I

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