Friday, December 08, 2006

The Dears @ The Fineline

Gang of Losers might be the best album of the year!!!!! The Dears proved every bit of the amazing record sound in their live set. Their last album was a little dark, this one has a spark of ballads and a lot more fresh energy.. This lead singer has quite the life, amazing voice, hot wife(in the band), just had a baby, and has one of the best bands of all time. Hopefully will see these guys back with the likes of another dominant Montreal band, maybe the Arcade Fire? The Dears have every piece to the puzzle, variety, intelligence, and proven talent... Look for this band to continue making a splash on the radio and hopefully in a city near you.. For More Pic's visit my Flickr Page. Stay tuned fellow fans.. Get Ready for Joanna Newsom tom. night(Friday Dec. 8th) @ The 400 Bar.. (2 shows 7pm and 10pm) Also guest review to come shortly on Damien Rice along with top 10 shows of the year lists.. Good Night Mates..-The King

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