Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Frames @ First Ave. Main Room 4/17/07

The Frames in MinneapolisThe Frames in MinneapolisThe Frames in MinneapolisThe Frames in MinneapolisThe Frames in MinneapolisThe Frames in Minneapolis
The Frames are from Dublin, Ireland. They must really love touring, as they've released two live albums, and according to the guitarist's Rob Bochnik, he's been recording all their live shows using a AKG C60 Microphone. Plus, they really love their encores. For the encore in Minneapolis (4/17/2007), they had four songs! And I think they do that four-song-encore every night for this tour, which consists of a violin solo, a guitar/violin duet, and two full band songs. When I say full band, I mean they have a pretty full band: two guitarists, a bassist, a keyboardist, a violinist, and a drummer.
-Vu (Music Expert/Ex Radio DJ)
The full review along with mp3's at Vu's Music site here.
I absolutely loved the Frames including one of their tour managers in who hooked me up with a Frames live in Seatlle DVD. They reminded me a lot of The Magic Numbers and Elbow. Thier songs just build on you, with so many pieces to the band. The Frames were looking for something to do all day downtown, next time I'll have to play some tennis tennis with these Irish Lads.. I give you their violinist. -Brody

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Klaxons @ the 7th st.entry

Picture 663The Klaxons in MinneapolisThe Klaxons in MinneapolisThe Klaxons in MinneapolisThe Klaxons in MinneapolisThe Klaxons in Minneapolis

What a night!!! One of the best nights I've had in a while. The Party started with DJ Soviet Panda. 2 hours was a little long, and to be honest I was hoping for another classic Brit band. But this DJ definitely played some solid tunes.. Moving to the Klaxons, I must say I really knew nothing about this guys.. I was just hoping they wouldn't be a bust like Hard-Fi. They were very loud, packed the entry, got everyone dancing, all while sounding great. With a nice share of vocals from the Keyboard player and the bassist, this band kept the night live. They dedicated a tune to Prince and always checked to make sure the crowd was on their feet. Klaxons are no Libertines, Strokes, or Arctic Monkeys but believe me they are very talented and understand how to rock out with the young fans.. Some more proof, my 14 year old brother bought the whole album on itunes, and are making some appearances on MTV. Keep watch on the Klaxons..

Here They are at Entry...

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