Monday, December 03, 2007

From Lily Allen to Kate Nash to the even younger Flo Kirton

flamboyant bella
photo courtesy James Gilbody

Just when I thought Kate Nash, Laura Marling, and Imogen Heap were by far the best female artists out there, I was proven wrong. America and England say hello to Flo Kirton the co-lead singer for Flamboyant Bella. Flo is only 18 from Hitchin, she not only sings, Kirton is also the lead guitarist. Electronic music is definitely a favorite genre of music, but the Futureheads, Phoenix, and Jack Penate are some of her most listened to bands. Very good taste.

flamboyant bella3flamboyant bella1flamboyant bella2
photos courtesy James Gilbody

Not sure if Flo is in anymore bands? I do know Flamboyant Bella is blowing up in England. Therefore I'm assuming for a college student and a lead singer of a band, their isn't much time to spare. I've been blown away watching videos, listening to tracks, and checking out some photos of Flo. This Gal will be a huge success over the next decade. In my opinion she should go solo because of her vocals, quite possibly the best I've ever thrown in my ears.

Check out Flamboyant Bella shaking in Hitchin England!!

Flamboyant Bella Myspace Page

Flamboyant Bella YouTube Page

Photos in the write up were taken by James Gilbody check out his Flickr Page to contact him.