Friday, November 17, 2006

Cedarwell and Shaker Revival @ The Nomad tonight!!!!!

Shaker Revival
These guys bring british music to the local scene.... Check Shaker Revival and Cedarwell Live @ The Nomad tonight!!Show starts tonight at 10:45!!!!!!! Be there! It's only 3 bucks and these bands are amazing.... Cedarwell sounds like Wilco and Shaker Revival sounds like the Kinks!!!! Cya at the Nomad World Pub right accross the street from the cedar cultural center.. Bring all your friends!!!!!!!!! Cheers -Brody

Matthew Lee Moberg/Organ Donors/Nu Funk Mafia @ The Nomad

Matthew Lee Moberg
Organ Donors

Nu Funk Mafia
The Local Party continued with a new comer and some classic indie rock bands.. Matthew Lee Moberg hit the stage first and came with a solid Howie Day type sound.. He whipped out some covers and blended them nicely with his first real big set.. My favorite was Wonderwall by Oasis and of course and original from Matt, his smash hit butterfly.. He brought in a few ladies and some of the fam. Moberg did his job but I expect a lot more ladies next time.. After Matt, Organ Donors an instrumental 3 piece with piano, bass, and drums played some nifty tunes with a solid beat.. And then of course who could forget the Mafia boys... Led by some ridiculous guitar work, they mix in country, jazz, funk, rock n roll, and everything all in one.. My good friend Brian plays bass and broke his first bass string ever?? These guys jumped around, played a little Johnny Cash, and got the few fans hopping around to the funky beats.. I love the guitar and the vocals have some 311/sublime potential. All the bands were great in their own style and blended very nicely for the show.. Keep up the good work bands and keep building up the fans!!!!
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