Monday, May 28, 2007

Thits World Fair @ Varsity Theater 5/26/07

this world fair

Last night This World Fair displayed more experience, confidence, and variety in their music. After touring all over the Midwest they payed a visit to their hometown fans. A very intimate performance, new guitars, and a much more centered layout on stage with Kalgren front center with his piano and guitar. When a band has more roles, new songs, and lots of momentum from their recent success, you know their heading in the right direction. This was I believe the third time seeing this band and they just keep getting better. This band definitely has the lead on biggest new local band. Heading right back on the road TWF hits Cleavland's Agora's Ballroom (June 1st), followed by Nashville's 12th and Porter(June 8th). Stay tuned as I should have a promo for these guys very soon. -Brody

this world fair

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