Monday, December 17, 2007

Laura Marling coming to the States!!!!

laura marling
(photo by sally bingham)

A dream has been waiting to happen for quite sometime. That dream has come for me to see the stunning young blonde from Eversley U.K. Laura Marling's voice isn't just breath of fresh air or a chemical of love and depression, it is heaven. The comparisons to Kate Nash have grown tired, and she is breaking away from the simple mainstream style of music. Laura now plays with a band and is still involved in another band called Noah and the Whale. Her full length album "Alas I Cannot Swim" will be due on February 4th in the U.K. She is releasing it in a song box, the package will contain a CD album, exclusive concert ticket, and set of album mementos.

Check out her interview with Jools Holand
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Here are Laura Marling's Tour Dates tour dates... (*more might be added)
Fly to New York and check her out!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats what I'm doing!

14 Jan. 2008 9:pm Sidewalk Cafe New York, New York(attending)
15 Jan 9:00pm Sidewalk Cafe New York, New York(attending)
16 Jan. 9:30pm Maxwell’s Hoboken, New Jersey
17 Jan 9:30pm The Annex New York, New York

Laura Marling Official Page
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Here's why you need to fly to New York!.

Laura Marling - New Romantic