Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Duffy plots U.S. tour with a stop at First Ave. July 31st

2538476493_ca55fbcfa0_b Duffy the rising soul singer arguably ahead of Adele at the moment gets set for her first full American tour. Most of her fans have been comparing her to Dusty Springfield. At age 23 Duffy's full name is Aimee Anne Duffy. She changed her name to Duffy when she was 19. Growing up with her sisters in North Wales, Duffy has had a pretty rough life. Divorced parents, Getting put into a safehouse (because her stepdad's exwife hired a hit man to try to kill him), and of course lot's of moving.

Duffy played in a bunch of various bands and started singing at a very young age.  But in reality she has the classic american idol story where she appeared on a tv show and slipped her way into the door.  Their is no surprise that she was quickly snatched by the media, she is arguably the best looking female artist out today next to maybe Carrie Underwood(who's awful).  

The Pop/Soul singer has quickly risen to the top of U.K. charts with her debut album "Rockferry"  Selling close to 2 million copies already, this album also was the # one album in the U.K. for 5 weeks.  I'd compare it to Amy Winehouse a little, but it's truly and old school 60's soul album.  Throw in Aretha Franklin and a little french twist and you have Duffy.  

I think Duffy and Adele will be the biggest U.K. female artists in the U.S. Both because of their voices and Duffy has the whole package with her looks.  Dido has fallen off the globe and Imogen Heap has been in hiding working on her next album.  Until those to come back Adele and Duffy will continue to shine.  


My ranking for U.K. Female Artists 

1. Laura Marling
2. Imogen Heap
3. Adele
4. Kate Nash
5. Ida Maria(Norway)
6. Florence and the Machine
7. Candie Payne
8. Duffy
9.Wallis Bird
10. Charlie Jones

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