Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ron Sexsmith and Kim Taylor @ The Varsity ....

Even with Laryngitis trying to take him down, nothing stopped Ron and his band from putting on an incredible show. Kim Taylor opened the night and sounded great. Looking like Cat Power and sounding like Brandi Carlile and KT Tunstall. The man of the hour came out with guitar and a band.. Ladies and Gentlemen we bring you Ron Sexsmith. The crowd was quiet at the start but built up as the show went on to give the perfect atmosphere. Sexmith told the crowd the Varsity was the nicest venue in America and felt very famous. Ron talked about his equipment getting stolen in Amsterdam and their bus breaking down in Sweden, lets just say it's been a rough tour around the world. But he's still the same old master on guitar, drawing comparisons to Roy Orbison, Ray Davies, and even Bob Dylan. He through in one of his favorite songs as a kid, a classic George Harrison tune. Anyone who has a 3 song encore, is a top notch artist, and Ron did just that. His band compliments him extremely well. Thanks again Ron and visit Minneapolis often..

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Ron Sexsmith at the Varsity Tonight!!!

A must see show tonight at the Varsity, Kim Taylor and Ron Sexsmith (Canada). This one is a little earlier, show starts at 8pm doors at 7pm. He has played a bunch of times in the cities and is ready to perform his new tracks. Check this musical genius out. Buy tickets at the Varsity Website here.