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Adele in Minneapolis 6/2/2008

Adele in Minneapolis 6/2/2008

Adele proved her Brit Awards skills in front of a sold out Minneapolis crowd.  Theatre De La Jeune Lune had an incredible atmosphere and was a perfect fit for the soul singing megastar. 
Laurie Blue Atkins, aka Adele, just turned 20 and continues to wow's all of the crowds.  I've never listened to a voice that deep and well defined.  Were talking Whitney Houston, Lauren Hill, Mariah Carey and beyond class.   Just when you thought their is now way she could sound better live then on her debut album, "19", think again.  

IMG_1107Adele in Minneapolis 6/2/2008IMG_1120 

Adele did not bring her full band but guitarist Ben Thomas and Steve Hoisness on the keys, certainly complimented her flawless performance.  Ben and Steve both are apart of Adele's main band and I'm sure the others have other side projects back in London.  Or Travel is just really expensive.  I'm sure next time through the states she'll be bringing her full band along.  

IMG_1087Adele in Minneapolis 6/2/2008Adele in Minneapolis 6/2/2008

Good news for American fans, Adele will be plotting her second American tour sometime in the fall.  Of course Adele will be in England for the summer setting up to play Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds, and all the big festivals in the U.K.  Her debut album was released in the U.K. but will be released in the U.S. under Columbia records on June 10th.  

Here she is performing "Best for Last" 

Adele set list Minneapolis 6/2/08
Adele setlist Minneapolis 6/2/08

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