Friday, April 21, 2006

The subways cancel their U.S. tour.

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After reading an email by their manager last night, I found out that the lead singers vocals are shot.
Heres the email...
Brody mate. I got some really bad news. Billy has damaged his vocal chords and it is looking like he will be off from touring for 2 months. We have just told the record company and promoters that the tour in May has to be cancelled. We are all really gutted about this. Hope u are well and that we will see you again soon. all the best -Ben
With that said, good thing I got to see them in chicago. Before you build a fued with this band listen to their record, and see them live before you judge them. They're the next big thing coming from england outside of the arctic monkeys. This band is going to be around for a while. They're two brothers and a girlfriend, they tour with their parents, and they're still reaching for their full potential. Hopefully they'll be back at the varsity in the late summer or the fall.
I'm still devistated! God! Check out The sounds, hockey night, or ladytron. There is plenty to choose from this weekend. -Brody