Monday, August 21, 2006

Sandi Thom @ The Varsity Theater.

Sandi Thom is one of the brightest up and coming stars since Kt Tunstall to come out of England. Unfortunatley only about 30 people in minneapolis were able to witness her brilliant performance. With a guitar player on the left and a drummer on her right she blended a great string of folk to her songs. She has so much range in her vocals. Her tone of voice can go from Christina Aguilera to Kt Tunstall and then Mariah Carey to Tracy Champman, it's unbelievable. Granted she does have a teeny-bop song in punkrocker, but this girl is very original in my book and knows how to use her voice. She also knows who her influences are, takes in ideas, and explodes out to her fans with her talent. After talking with her manager, I found out that Sandi, back home in England was into webcasting. Anyways she webcasted her live studio performances in a basement for 48 straight nights, and soon found CNN knocking on her doors. CNN News did a special report on her performances and basically put her name out there the best way possible. Shortly after there were record labels bouncing off the walls and she ended up signing with a major label. I think that story is a little more intresting the arctic monkeys getting on CNN. She will have her full release out this month and will be back in the twin cities sometime in November. Don't miss this bombshell singersongwriter before she's bigger than KT. Trust me November will be your last chance. Check out her myspace page here. Or here main website here. Happy 25th Birthday Sandi and enjoy the tour! -Brody