Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jamie Lidell, Hot Chip, and The Decemberists at First Ave.

Jamie Lidell is the white Gnarles Barkley with a little more prince/experimental sound... Great stuff none the less.. Hot Chip is a pretty cool band that is simalar in style but more reagae/bluegrass.. They've toured with the band Franz Ferdinand a lot..

The Decemberists are a band you must listen too now!!!!! See them live tom. or tonight whenever you read this.. Thier playing at First Ave and are sportin a brand new album that is a top top 20 album for me this year, hands down.. With more female vocals a little more death cab, this album kicks some serious ace... Be patient with the vocals and see them live before you judge them.... The bad news, last time I heard this show was sold out. Go to the show anyway, find some tickets or find a way in... Cheers -The All Mighty
The Rock N Roll Star should have a jamie lidell/hot chip review up shortly check it out here
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