Sunday, May 25, 2008

Snowden and Now, Now Every Children @ The Varsity 5/24


Snowden provided us with another mindblowing set, this time at the best venue in the cities.  The Varsity gave us all a perfect atmosphere along with flawless sound to enjoy the band from Atlanta.  Snowden has made Minneapolis a frequent stop.  Their biggest show in Minneapolis still has to be when Kings of Leon canceled at First Ave, making it a night with Snowden.  

Last night these guys brought it, all sparks, all noise.  I'm in awe when i watch bass player, Corrine Lee rule the stage.   Between the Rent, Anti Anti, and Bullets are some of the greatest tracks from their previous record Anti-Anti released in 2006.  Wouldn't be surprised if they got on another tour with Kings of Leon, these guys could definitely handle arena shows.  New record should be out soon.


IMG_0806Snowden Minneapolis set list 5/24/08

Now, Now Every Children

Minneapolis version of Eisley.  It's nice to see some fresh new local talent.  Usually not big into checking out local bands, but these guys were pretty solid.  Now, Now Every Children come the city of Blaine.  These guys just signed to Afternoon records and also picked up a manager.  They'll be looking to tour throughout the midwest this summer.  Their first full length album is set to be released in September.  Right now they have an EP out called "Not One, But Two", go support some good local music.  

Upcoming Now, Now Every Children shows.. 

June 8th @ 7th st. Entry w/ A Night In The Box
June 24th @ Turf Club(St. Paul) w/ Headlights

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