Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Trip to L.A.

My trip to L.A. was definitely worth it thanks to my little brother playing in a tennis tournament, and of course my mom for putting up with us. Great Weather, Gorgeous Beaches and Chicks, and some unbelievable tennis. I almost got on Leno and Ferguson because of the Silversun Pickups and a good friend of mine named Steve Nice. He also almost got me to meet Nic Harcourt, a.k.a. the greatest DJ in the World, over at KCRW studios(MPR) Santa Monica. I'll be out there again in April to hopefully meet Nic and many other great people. I'm always California Dreamin. -Brody

The Apples in Stereo @ The Varsity

Yea it's really John Dufilho from Deathray Davies(Now the drummer for Apples in Stereo)

  • Listen to "What's The #"
  • So I was at the Apples in Stereo concert last Saturday. I was standing around and this bookish man (covered with a hat, glasses, scarf, and layers and layers of clothing!) he asked me, "Hey, is that an Avengers T-shirt?".

    I told him, yes, and challenged him to guessing who the artist is.

    Apples in stereo setlistApples in Stereo at the Varsity 2/24/2007

    He concentrated and stared and after a few minutes answered, "Is it Gil Kane?" (It was not)

    So I told him it was George Perez, and then we got into a conversation about DC and Marvel comics. It was pretty nerdy.

    So after a while, I asked him, "Hey, what's your name?"

    Turns out, he's Robert Schneider, singer and songwriter of Apples in Stereo.

    Too embarrassing. (And who knew he was such a big comic book geek?)

    The song I have picked out is from one of their old albums, because I have not had a chance to listen to the new one, "New Magnetic Wonder", which was released a few weeks ago.

    The song is quite fitting as it does contain the line:
    "I'll see you around, up and downtown. What's your name now? I'll write it down."
    As for the concert, they did manage to do "What's the #" on their encore, as you can see on the setlist. The very last song was not Ruby, it was "Tidal Wave", from Fun Trick Noisemaker (and Science Faire).

    Trivia: John Dufilho, from the Deathray Davies is now the drummer for Apples in Stereo, replacing Hilarie Sidney (the only girl in the band).

    Bonus: More pictures of the show on Flickr at Brody and Steve. You can also download Toronto (20 Feb 2007) and read about Chicago (23 Feb 2007).


    Snowden/Malajube @ The Triple Rock



    Steve (The Rock N Roll Star) is back on the scene.

    Back at the cards with a little designing by the artist Vu.

    What started out to be the first of 4 shows, turned out to be the first of two. Luckily this one made the entire night worth while. Story of the Sea( a solid local band) kicked things off, followed by some Montreal Canadian fans. Malajube sang their entire set in french but sprinkled on a nice Phoenix/Tahiti 80 feel. Not as much dancing as the Phoenix show but these guys rocked and played some great dance tunes. We welcomed back Snowden on a very frigid night. With a few new tracks these guys pumped up the bass and jammed the night away. This band has the energy and image to be a very polished group. Just a little better vocals will make this band fly. She wants Revenge came to mind(Not good) and the triple rocks speakers didn't help their cause. Nothing but love for this band though, as they have one of the hottest bass players ever. Lets hope they come back as quick as last time. -The BritRocker