Friday, January 05, 2007

New Years Eve Celebration @ The Varsity!!!!!!! Mark Mallman and Vicious Vicious.

Mark Mallman and the Roller Girls

Vicious Vicious

Mark Mallman

This night I will remember, not just the countdown or the fact that it was nears years eve, I simply found out that these local bands are amazing.. Erik Applewick led the way for Vicious Vicious and got the crowd into a nifty mood ready to get their grove on.. Erik is also a guitar player in the band The Hopefuls and Tapes and Tapes.. I'd say he's a local favorite.. Great guitar rifs, solid vocals, and supply's the crowd with some of the best local rock n roll..
My buddy and I got a chance to give Mark Mallman some billiards tips in a friendly game of pool.. He dressed as a pilot, a sailor, an army reserve, and who knows what else he was.. I'll always remember him exclaiming, "Yea I woke up with a sheep next to me in bed".. He is the Prince of my time and brings a blend of a comedian/rock n roll star to the set every show.. He always tells the crowd he is eager to save and bring rock n roll back on the map.. These two bands provided a very special night of new years rock at the Varsity Theater.. Thanks to all the bands for a night of rock... Cheers - The BritRocker

Stefani with the band Amour @ Decoy's

Amour is a classic cover band that plays almost everything.. Explosive songs that flashback on our past and relate to all those forgiving moments... The crowd responded and the night was a blast.. billiards, Darts, Fuse ball, you could do it all if you didn't want to get up and dance.. Stefani the lead singer of this cover band also has her own band and album called Pieces. She loves to play with this cover band but is looking to make a career out of her vocals and is ready to reach every ones dream of selling 10,000 records.. Check her out with her cover band and her very own band and a venue near by...

Stefani Official website
Stefani Myspace Page
Amour Myspace Page

Dosh/Halloween Alaska/Tapes and Tapes A Complete Disaster @ First Avenue 12/29.06

My good friend Ed would like to fill us in on the show that was supposed to
be great but completely crashed in front of a sold out crowd.

Last Friday’s show on First Ave was a complete disappointment. The
show kicked off with Dosh, the one man instrumental shit-show.
Dosh uses electronic looping to overlay several channels of music in
the vain attempt to simulate an entire band. When you do this with a
musician who sucks however, you end up simulating a band where every
member sucks. It seems these days that bands are becoming more and more
desperate to create a unique sound. On one hand this is great because
bands are continually innovating new styles of music but on the other,
bands like Dosh continue to emerge and pollute our ears with their
“unique” garbage. Moving on to Halloween Alaska. Shit…I think I just
threw up in my mouth a little. Imagine a packed, sold-out First Avenue
show and fun, excitement, and energy. Unfortunately for us Halloween
Alaska somehow figured out a way to destroy the fun of this atmosphere by
playing their slow, mind-numbing music. I truly can’t think of a
better way to describe their music. Their slow lyrics and weird cord
progressions brought me and the crowd close to a comatose state
wanting, to stick a pencil in my eye just to get some sort of stimulation. In
the setting that night, all they needed to do was play a few bar chords
and scream “get the fuck up” a few times and we probably would have had
an instant mash-pit but no, we were stuck with a set from Halloween
Alaska…Garbage. I would have had more fun listening to blackcats going
off in my ears. Mr. Edvard

I got Tapes and Tapes, lets see here... very loud. Thanks to a broken speaker right next to
us, the already awful vocals from the lead singer of tapes made our ears bleed..
It's unfortunate that the biggest local band at the moment is this bad... They have
some decent riffs, but all and all they suck. I do appreciate that one of my friends
got us into to this show. But this made me think about being very careful about what
bands I see, especially when their local.. Their is a lot of great local music out there
but be very cautious on the shows you attend..