Monday, November 06, 2006

Lady Sovereign Spittin Rymes @ The Varsity

If you wanted entertainment you got it... The night started with your classic Good Charlotte pop band, Young Love. Their self titled release is out soon, check them out. Lets move on to the star, The Lady Soverign from England. Ms. Sovereign jumped into the crowd, brought up a midget, picked out some breakdancers, and even called for a moshpit to a non all ages crowd. While showing off her rap skills, inbetween songs she turned into a comedian with her British accent and displayed her youth and outgoing personality. She was a little intimidated by the skeleton's, left up from the Halloween party's and said a Sovereign is very close to a skeleton. Her hit song Love me or Hate me got the whole crowd to wave their arms and hold up middle fingers. The highlight had to be the breakdancers, lasting a whole song while Sovereign continued to sing and jump around with the crowd. I wasn't the biggest fan of her vocals, and I'm not a fan of rap, but the lady made the night a riot and well worth the night. I think she has some potential with a guitar, mixing in the indie vive, with some softer vocals.. That's just my taste. She's the female Eminem, has a hit song on the radio, and is touring all over the world. She got money and fame, and all the of today's youth.. What more could you ask for? Tell me what you thought of the show!

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I'll be Rooney/Ben Lee at the Fineline on Tuesday. Any other shows I should know about this week??