Monday, May 01, 2006

The Villains of Verona!!!

To everyone out there in the twin cities looking for a cool high school band, this is the one. This indie band from chicago has been together for about 3 years. They've played with one of the biggest bands in england(Hard-Fi), one of the best unknown band in the states(World Leader Pretend), and now this spring they'll be opening for bands that have played with Fall Out Boy in Europe. They're far from a pop radio band, they just know how to get exposure. Right now I'm looking to book them a show in the cities with a local band. Preparing for a mini midwest tour, the Villains of Verona are thrilled to get some attention outside of they're high school. They should be in the cities sometime in mid may. I'll be talking about this band much more in the future and will be putting up a promotional dvd that I made for the band over spring break. Check them out on myspace, And please put some comments up on some of my reviews so I can read what everybody has to say. Thanks a lot and stay fresh. - The King